Ming Infuser Mug 2.0 - Stoneware

Designer: PO: Team, Hong Kong
Another simple design but effective tea mug join our tea family. The design of Ceramic Tea Mug includes Stainless steel infuser and ceramic mug. The large infuser allows for a variety of flavor combinations - ice and lemon in the summer, cinnamon and nutmeg in the winter. Newly developed built-in tea infuser/lid system allow the infuser attached to the lid, which enable user to take out infuser/lid as module after brewing the tea and put it upside down on the table. Ergonomic design of bamboo handle ensure user to hold the mug comfortably. The design target to maximum joyful of enjoying the tea with less effort 2 colors are available.
  • Food Safe
As low as HK$152.10
Stainless tea infuser give enough room for tea infusing and easy to clean.

Innovative design of lid/infuser system, infuser can be attached to the lid. Simply put the lid/infuser upside down to the table after brewing without hassle.

Ergonomic design allow user to hold the tea mug comfortably

Suitable for most of tea
Microwave safe(except the infuser)m dishwasher safe)
Dimension (cm):13.4cm x 13cm
Volume (ml):350
Weight (kg):0.5