Evo-song Tea Set

Designer: Milk Design Ltd, Hong Kong
Inspired by tea pitchers popular in the Song dynasty, our new tea set combines traditional and modern design, with added stylish elements. The traditional way of pouring hot water over tea leaves into the pot or mug to brew in often over-brews the tea which causes unpleasant bitter tastes. Our designers have evolved the tea set construction in order to keep the flavor for each shot. The innovative design of pitcher has 100% natural bamboo across the lid, which avoids the lid sliding off and scalding you. Remember to drink a cup of tea and take time to enjoy the scenery around… you may find the world is wonderful.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Safe
As low as HK$507.00
1/ A new tea set combines traditional and modern design
2/ Avoid over-brew the tea with tea pitcher
3/ Pitcher has 100% natural bamboo across the lid to avoid the lid sliding off
Dimension (cm):Water Pot - L17.9 x W14.9 x H7.9 /Tea Pitcher - L10.1 x W9.6 x H8.0 /Tea Cup - ∅6.8 x H5.2
Volume (ml):Water Pot - 420/ Tea Pitcher - 220/ Tea Cup - 85
Weight (kg):1.18
Material:Stoneware, Bamboo
Sku:14700, 14701, 14702, 14703, 14704, 14705, 14706, 14707
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