Duo Dripper Mug 2.0

Designer: PO: Team, Hong Kong
Coffee for one? The compact Duo Dripper Mug 2.0 combines dripper-and-mug set is the ideal toolkit for any coffee lover. Its high-density mesh is designed to filter finely ground coffee, and saves the hassle of using filter papers. This is not only environmentally friendlier but also retains the distinctive oil and aroma that define a cup of well-crafted coffee. The specially designed single-serving glass mug is poised to brew a cup of full-bodied coffee that suits your very own preferences.
  • Easy to Clean
As low as HK$175.50
1/ A compact design of coffee dripper and coffee mug to save storage area
2/ Serve up to two servings (i.e. around 2 teaspoons) of freshly brewed at a time
3/ Made with a high-density mesh, the dripper is designed to save the hassle of using filter papers
4/ The lid can be served as the stand for dripper while enjoying the coffee
Dimension (cm): ∅8.0 x H15.5
Volume (ml):350
Weight (kg):0.2
Material:Borosilicate Glass, Silicone, Stainless steel