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According to a postmodern thinker, there is always a way to go beyond YES and NO. As prolific as he's, Edward de Bono, an advocate of lateral thinking, introduced this new concept called "PO".

Edward de Bono is an advocate of lateral thinking. He encouraged us to break the routine and evolve our ideas into new avenues. Thus, we inherited his beliefs and created a world of home goods that combine creativity and functionality.Cooperated with different designers around the world, PO:'s concept lies in every new product with creative, artistic and functional features on the basis of the “Po” concept and the innovation it represents. For every design you see, there is a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it.

Since the establishment of the brand in 1999, PO: products have been distributed to over 20 countries worldwide, including the China, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Russia and Austrialia, etc.

In PO, every product is a matter of cogitation.

We usually judge aspects regarding beauty, belief and stance. It is this contemplation that we all know as the vertical thinking, our most common cognitive habit. Each one of us relies on such reasoning to assess; but it comes to innovation, it takes a lot more endeavor than just logical interpretation.

Edward de Bono always upheld fresh perspectives, hence he has introduced a concept, a new word: "PO". PO is a vivacious prospect towards our inspirations. With PO, thoughts do not have any kind of negative objections; it is a process that encourages us to dive deep to discover any potential hidden possibilities.

New definition of functionality

It's time to change your thinking.

PO:'s product design concept is transcending our lifestyle and taking us ahead into a savvy future, with a progressive vision. The design perspective of PO: lies in simplicity. It’s an essential mandate for us to present designs that are uncluttered and refined.

PO: values ingenuity, the core part of every single design, providing a new definition of life for the enjoyment of experience.


Alòs Idees,Spain

An awarded product design studio founded by Marc Salvador and David de Sicart, located in Barcelona city with lifestyle range expertise and background.
Our team includes passionate designers, inquisitive thinkers and problem solvers. We love engaging, being involved, planning in advance, take full responsibility and strive to reach the goals.
You must think of ourselves as a partner that you can trust during the whole process, and not just as another regular supplier.

Hanner Rexer, Germany

Hanna Rexer is a young designer from Germany.
Her spectrum of work encompasses home and public furnishings, tableware, promotional items as well as conceptual ideas.
Her designs show a strong tendency of arts and crafts and her main goal is to create harmonic shapes and with a story behind.

Boukje Koch, Netherlands

The Dutch Industrial designer Boukje Koch graduated from Delft University of Technology in 2002. The same year she founded her own product development company Amazuro. In 2005 Boukje moved to China, the workshop of the world, where combines her innovative ideas and smart engineering with high quality manufacturing processes.

Frank Kerdil, Denmark

The founder of PO: Brand, Mr. Frank Kerdil is a seasoned Danish designer who has over 30-year of experiences in product design industry. He believes there is always a reason for new designs; be it function, materials or production method.

1. Most Read AD in Denmark
2. 4 Gold prize of Best Strategy & Marketing Campaign for Shopping Centres in Europe
3. Formland Prize

Studio Dreimann, Germany

Studio Dreimann is formed by three Product Design graduates in 2010. In Studio Dreimann, they are good at exploring new functions from typical models and creating emotional values between their designs and consumers.

Sven Rudolph, Germany

Rudolph started his business with other two designers in 2005, their works include furniture, luminaries and residential accessories and have been greatly accepted by big companies like IKEA. Over the years, they have received more than 30 design prizes: iF Product Design Award, the Good Design Award and the Design Plus Award.

Monica Tsang, Hong Kong

Like her personality, Monica's designs are filled with fun and playful elements. She is specialized in designing home items from pattern design to large decorative items. In 2010, "Entomo" was shown at the British Ceramics Biennial; she was nominated as one of the best graduates in UK 2010 by E-Creative Award, UK in the same year.

What's That, Hong Kong

'WHAT'S THAT' was founded in 2004 by David Leung and Mo Mou. 'WHAT'S THAT' designs are awarded with numerous international & local design rewards in recent years, including:

1. FORM 2007 Tendence Lifestyle Germany
2. iF Design Award China 2008
3. Interior life style 2009 Home Style Awards - Best practical use award

Rafal Pilat, Poland

As the founder and co-owner of the most renowned Polish industrial design studio, Rafal is specialised in various design fields including consumer electronics, furniture, household and industrial equipment. Their works are well reckoned by numerous international design judges and panels and received awards including iF 2008 and 2009 Product Design Award, Computex 2009 Gold Award.

Idee, China

Wang Kee and other co-founder Lian Zhi Ming formed interior design firm 'IDEE' in 2005. Their designs are a well mix of functionality and natural elements, interior architecture, Western and Chinese cultures. In 2008, IDEE was elected "China Best Hospitality Design Company 2008" and "Top 10" by American interior design magazine Interior Design.

Chinas most Valuable Interior Design Company 2009

Shen Di, China

Shen Di is a Beijing-based designer; his designs integrate Eastern and Western style; Mr. Shen strives to push his design to the limit between commerciality and design value.

2007 "PREMIO VICO MAGISTERETTI" Italy & United States
2006 "You Way to COWAY" Italy & Korea

Aryun Park, Korea

Aryun Park is a talented designer. Since 2002, she designs innovative products for various international organizations. From participating in international exhibitions, she gathers the best elements into her works, Ideology of animals can be found in Aryun's design, which attracted attention from people around the world.

Jaewon Yang, Korea

Jaewon Yang is one of our Asian designers who is based in South Korea. After graduated from Korea's next generation design leader - Korea Institute of Design Promotion. He started designing innovative housewares products since 2004. Jaewon's designs were awarded in numerous international & local design competitions in recent years, details as below.

KAID design award "Cellular phone charger" (2003)
Korea design fair award "Motorola mobile phone" (2003)

Sotano Studio, Spain

Stationed in virbrant cities Barcelona and Paris, Sotano studio has a great chance to graspe of the latest art, design and fashion trends. They have been working with prominent international companies like Aigner, Vogue and Prada since its establishment in 2004. Their exposure in various industries has shaped its team to have a global understanding of design industry and an atypical vision on design.

Carol Jacobs, United Kingdom

Our award winning designer, UK based Carol Jacobs, has over 20-year experience in porcelain arts. In 1983, she graduated from Loughborough College of Art and Design with a BA Honours Degree in Porcelains. After doing two residencies in schools, which allowed her to continue producing her work, she started teaching and has done so since. Jacobs also participated in many exhibitions.

Debora Jedwab, United Kingdom

Debora is multi-talented, she holds her own company, Jedwab Design at the same she is also a lecturer at Middlesex University in London. She has designed for some of the biggest names in the business such as Ritzenhoff, Acme Studio, Villeroy and Beaumonde. Her diversified profile enables her to create products that sell.

Tina Vlassopulos, United Kingdom

UK based product designer, Tina Vlassopulos, has over 20 years of experience in porcelains products. She has won various awards over the years.

2009 Honourable Mention, 5th World Ceramic Biennale, Korea International Competition
2006 Award of Merit, Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award, La Trobe University
2002 Soing Award, Croatia

Ross Mcbride, United States

Shortly after his graduation, Ross moved to Japan and started his own company in 1991. His works include products, furniture and interior designs and were exhibited at 100% Design London, Salone Satellite in Milan, ICFF New York, and Tokyo Designers Block, where he won the TDB Award 2003 for best installation design.

TDB Award 2003, Best Installation Design

Steve Buss, United States

Steve has a very impressive profile C since his graduation from the School of Visual Arts, NYC; his functional objects are sold through well-known museum stores: Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Wexner Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Silke Decker, Germany

Since the start-up of her studio in 2008, Hamburg-based designer Silke Decker has been collaborating with various companies creating hand-craft porcelain items. Her design style contains are inspired by the Mother Nature.

2010 Emsland Museum, Castle Clemenswerth, Sögel, Germany Finalist, 30 Concours,
Internacional De Cermica L'Alorca, Spain Concours International Porcelaine de Limoges, France Richard Bampi Preis, Germany
2009 Ceramic Europ -- 12, Westerwaldprice, Ceramicmuseum Westerwald, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

Donald Corey, USA

Donald is the President of The Other Edge Design Studio and received a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Auburn University and a Masters of Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. His award winning designs have been on display at numerous exhibitions, galleries and retail venues throughout the United States and Australia. He holds multiple United States' Utility Patents and Trademarks. Presently he is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Milk Design Ltd, Hong Kong

Milk design follows the mission that creates ideas to enrich daily life.

We believe that people and their daily life are the heart of the design approach. It should be with emotional, cultural, and spiritual relevance.
Found by Lee Chi Wing, since 1998, Hong Kong-based Milk design Limited has been providing high value and professional design service to a wide range of customers in an international market. Its main services include consultancy projects of industrial and consumer products, conception and creation of lifestyle products. Milk Design is one of the creators of Feel Good Home, a brand of high-end bathroom and home products selling to more than 20 countries in the world.

Milk design is dedicated to offer design solution and products that fulfill the basic needs of ever human being – just like milk!

Gaida & Goldin, Germany

Gaida & Goldin are two industrials designers based in Germany that collaborate since 2011. Their full names are Maik Gaida and Leonid Goldin. Their design philosophy that concentrates on conception, design, technical implementation and visualization of consumer goods.

iF Next Generation by Swiss Tools Award 2009

PO: Team, Hong Kong

PO: Team is created by a group of professional designers from all around the world, who are free from traditional constraints to craft multi-functional as well as sculptural designs. For every design you see, there is a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it.

Jakob Gudiksen, Denmark

Jakob and Karsten started their own design company, Gudiksen Design in 2003. Jacob is specialized in graphic design and 3D visualization. His practical approach to product design like our "Perfume & Make-Up Holder" is a perfect demonstration of functional and aesthetics.

Karsten Gudiksen, Denmark

Karsten is a trained toolmaker; he has strong problem solving skills and in-depth knowledge about various materials. Teaming up with his brother Jakob leverages and maximizes their expertise and skill sets, their company Gudiksen Design is currently a member of the esteemed Assoication of Danish Designers.

Circle Liauw ,Hong Kong

“Circle is an illustrator and a singer-song writer from Hong Kong. She has created a character called “West Face Cat” and the page on social media site has over 20k followers within a year, and is keep growing. With collaboration with different brands, she is telling her philosophy via a humorous way.”