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White Porcelain Espresso Cups Set

What do you think about drinking your coffee from porcelain espresso cups? Now, you can sip your coffee or espresso from any of these four white espresso cups which come in a set. Their design is fabulous and innovative, presenting a combination of multiple colors, which are ready to make your coffee drinking habit even more enjoyable than before.

These white espresso cups are white in the inside and multicolored on the outside. The colors combine in different shapes and patterns to give the final result of these porcelain espresso cups, a design that is simply marvelous. An abstract combination of shapes and colors makes these cups interesting and enjoyable. These cups contain the following colors on the patterns outside:

Drinking your coffee from these porcelain espresso cups is made even more interesting, as they don’t have any handle to allow you to hold the cups, but instead, they are surrounded by a silicone ring, which provides you a comfortable holding of these white espresso cups. These innovative ring prevents you from burning your hand while sipping your hot coffee from any of the cups in this set. Enjoy a pleasant coffee cup from these amazing cups, especially created for coffee and espresso lovers!

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Ring Espresso Cup (4 Mondri)
Another addition to our Ring Mug collection, these great little porcelain espresso cups come in four different designs, all based on the style of famous artist Piet Mondrian.
As with the coffee, tea and soft drink cups in the same series, the silicone ring around the middle of the cup allows you to hold your hot drink comfortably, without needing a handle.  Enjoy.
Art.No.: 626
Dimension (cm): ∅4.7 x H6.5
Volume (ml): 60ml/Cup
Weight (kg): 0.55
Material: Porcelain, Silicone
Designer: Frank Kerdil, Denmark

Unit Price : EUR  18.50

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