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Nice Best Travel Tea Mugs Pao Thermal Mug

If you were looking for the best travel tea mugs, you can now stop your searches, as you have found this nice Pao thermal Mug, which is ready to help you prepare your most delicious favorite drink! With plenty of advantages and a nice design, this Pào thermal Mug is one of the best travel mugs that you can find.

This amazing Pào thermal Mug is ready to offer you the best drink even when you are on the go, due to its great features and innovative design, which features:

So if you are searching for the best travel tea mugs, then you need to know that Pao thermal Mug is definitely the best choice for you. Its nice design makes it even more enjoyable, not talking about the fact that it will maintain your drink’s delicious taste. When looking for the best travel mugs, make sure you find the features that will help you enjoy your favorite drink anytime, regardless of where you are. This is exactly what this mug offers you: the opportunity to maintain a good taste for your drink!

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Pao Thermo Mug (White with White Lid)

A two-way tea-leaf compartment – Brew and Filter - allows you to choose how long to brew your tea, preventing the bitter taste of over-brewing by placing the mug upside down as well as to filter out chunk leaves, rose buds.  Such special design makes it easy to add tea right into the compartment without lump in tea. 
Everything you need for a cup of tea on the run.

1-year warranty on insulation function. Details here. 

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Art.No.: 2682
Dimension (cm): ∅8.05 x H20.20
Volume (ml): 350
Weight (kg): 0.315
Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone, Plastic
Designer: Shen Di, China

Unit Price : EUR  29.50

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