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Porcelain Dripper Ring Coffee Mill

If you also enjoy drinking coffee as a regular habit, then you would definitely appreciate this Ring Coffee Mill, which is a coffee bean grinder. Each time you will use this manual coffee mill, you will get fresh and extremely tasty coffee, the most delicious coffee that you will drink. As this coffee bean grinder is for single-serve coffee only, you will have fresh coffee all the time, as you will need to grind the coffee for each use.

This manual coffee mill is made of porcelain dripper and ceramic grinder and it is easy to use. Extremely useful and also very attractive, this coffee mill grinder is ready to grind up to 12-15 grams of coffee beans each time you use it. This means that it allows you to grind the amount of coffee needed for a cup of coffee that you will enjoy every time you drink.

The Ring Coffee Mill brings you:

Due to its small dimensions, this coffee maker with grinder is also easy to storage, so that it will occupy only a little portion of your space. Small and nice, this hand coffee grinder is exactly what you need in order to enjoy every sip of your morning coffee!

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Ring Coffee Mill

You deserve to have good coffee at the beginning of a busy day, this handy, single-serve coffee mill/dripper are designed to bring you freshest coffee from grinding the coffee beans to drip out the coffee in one time.   
With the ceramic grinder and porcelain dripper, the Ring Coffee Mill allows you to grind around 12-15 grams of coffee beans out of its reservoir which is perfect for one cup of coffee.  No more worry about taste change of your coffee powder and storage of coffee making device anymore.


Art.No.: 14681
Dimension (cm): 16.8L x 9.3W x 14.5H
Volume (ml):
Weight (kg): 0.54
Material: Porcelain, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Designer: PO: Team, HK

Unit Price : EUR  35.00

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