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Geometric Folkloric Green Coffee Mug

Are you tired of drinking your coffee from the same old-fashioned mug? Then, it is time for you to try this new Geometric Folkloric green coffee mug, which will enliven the moment when you take every single sip of your coffee. This coffee mug has an innovative design which makes it more interesting and enjoyable than most of the mugs that you saw before.

This green coffee mug will make your every moment of drinking coffee an enjoyable one, as the design of this coffee mug is made to bring a smile on your face and also take you to other lands. The habit of drinking coffee perfectly combines with the folklore in this mug, which has a design inspired from the Traditional Romanian Blouses, featuring a geometric design, colored in different shades of green. However, the design is not the only thing that you will appreciate about this mug, as there are more:

These features of this green coffee mug allow you to fully enjoy every sip of your coffee, allowing you to comfortably hold your coffee mug into your hands even when the coffee is still hot in it. Despite the fact that this mug does not have any handle, you will easily and safely hold it into your hands anytime.

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Ring Mug (L)  (Blue Geometric)

Two more “artist inspired” designs from our popular ring mug collection are influenced by the famous Matisse painting “La Blouse Roumaine”.  Traditional Romanian blouses, as seen in the painting, are hand embroidered with floral or geometric motifs and our designer has given this look a modern take using pixel art in four colors. 
This mug has a two-walled structure to protect your hands from hot drinks and a silicone ring to help you to hold it tightly.
20 Design options available.
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Art.No.: 14686
Dimension (cm): ∅7.9 x H13.2
Volume (ml): 250
Weight (kg): 0.7
Material: Porcelain, Silicone
Designer: Luise Lotte, Romania

Unit Price : EUR  14.50

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