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Savor Tea Mug

Some people prefer lighter tea. They may opt to steep their teabags with a relatively short period of time. Yet, the teabags aren’t fully utilized. Indeed, they can be reused for at least another cup of tea.

With a specially-designed silicone lid that allows teabag-squeezing, Savor Tea Mug is a mug custom-made to bring out the fullest benefits of a tea bag. Every press on the lid, it will extract the essence of the teabag into the cup and every drop of the tea can be clearly viewed through the glass mug. The teabag can be lifted to the holder to avoid over-brewing.

Instead of placing used teabags elsewhere for a second use, the upper compartment also features a leakage-free cap that stores the used teabag for a second use in a hygienic manner.

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